If reviews are showing on your products before but someday, reviews disappear. Please check these cases below to fix your issue.

Case 1: Reviews disappear on one or some products, not all your products:

  • If you changed your product handle/permalink of product on your Shopify store/ WooCommerce store, please go to your My reviews, edit product handle of that product to the same with the product on your store. 
  • If you are using an App to customize your product layout, please add our snippet codes to your app layout to make reviews showing. Here is code snippets:
Star rating under product title code:
<div class="ryviu-widget"></div>

Snippet code to display comment:
<div class="ryviu-show-reviews" product-handle="{{product.handle}}">{{product.metafields.ryviu.reviews}}</div>

Case 2: Reviews disappear on all product after updating/changing your theme

Please uninstall then reinstall our app to update/install code snippet for your new theme.
Please reinstall after uninstall app from your Shopify admin > Apps from this link: https://www.ryviu.com/shopify/install

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