If you did not install Ryviu Chrome extension, please follow this instruction: Install Ryviu Chrome extension

How to use Ryviu Chrome Extension?

Step 1: Get product handle (Shopify)/Permalink (WooCommerce).

What is product handle/permalink?

It likes product id on your store. Ryviu needs it for connecting reviews data from Ryviu server to your shop.

Get Shopify product handle:

Get WooCommerce Permalink:

Step 2: Open your drop ship product URL (Amazon or AliExpress product page)

Notice: Please log out your Amazon account when importing reviews and only our paid members can import Amazon reviews.

Click on Ryviu Chrome extension icon and enter your product handle and click Get Reviews
Import reviews from Aliexpress product:

Import reviews from Amazon product:

Or you can select the second option for the select product from your Shopify store to import reviews

That's all.

You can check video below for more detail

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help.


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