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Import Amazon, Etsy, DHgate, Walmart, and Shopee reviews
Import Amazon, Etsy, DHgate, Walmart, and Shopee reviews

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In this tutorial, you will need the following requirements:

  • Install Ryviu app by going to or Shopify app store for Shopify store

  • Your Ryviu account must be a premium one. Upgrade your Ryviu plan by clicking here.

  • Log out of your Etsy, DHgate, or Walmart accounts while importing reviews.

  • The feature to import Etsy, DHgate, or Walmart support Ryviu Advance and Unlimited plans.

Before importing reviews, kindly take note of the following important notices:

  • Ryviu does not support importing reviews from the Etsy shop which has more than 10k reviews.

  • You need to select the United States region and English language in the setting at the bottom of the Etsy product page before importing Etsy reviews.

How to import reviews?

Importing product reviews from Amazon, Etsy, DHgate, or Walmart to your dropship store is easy. I'd like you to please read the steps below in their entirety.

  • Step 1: Navigate to your Ryviu dashboard > Products section:

  • Step 2: Click on button 'Import review'.

  • In the popup, enter the product review link that you want to import reviews, then click on 'To exist product' (list of products that exist in Ryviu) or 'To new product' option to get reviews.

  1. If you click 'To exist product', a list of products will appear for selection. You can also enter the keyword to find the product. Next, please click on the button 'Import reviews':

Select 'Merger' to combine existing and new reviews or 'Replace' to replace existing reviews in the Ryviu dashboard with added reviews in the product link.

2. If you click on 'To new product', please enter your product handle, then click on the button 'Import reviews':

You can check the processing status and edit product reviews by clicking on 'Edit Now' when completing import reviews.

If you want to continue importing reviews after each time, please add the new product URL and then select a product to import reviews. If you want to keep existing, please click on the Cancel button.

If you have any questions, please feel free to let Ryviu team knows.

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