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When I receive commissions?
When I receive commissions?

This article will clarify you some related-Affiliate program information, which is the time you receive your commissions.

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Ryviu offers an affiliate program that will help you earn some commission. In detail, you can get 10% commission on a purchase after it is completed. In this article, we will present and explain to you the time when you get the commission from Ryviu Affiliate Program.

When you got a paid register from your referrals, you will see this order information in the Order Commissions tab.

The Ryviu affiliate

You will get money when the order status complete. After that, you have to wait for the countdown timer in the paid column which runs from 7 days to 0, in case our customers can ask for a refund after the purchase at this time.

Withdraw money

Click in Withdraw funds. Then enter your PayPal email, click on the Withdraw button.

Withdraw Ryviu commission

You can withdraw when got greater than $30, this action will take 2-3 days processing. You will get money via PayPal after this time.

If you have further information, please feel free to contact us via live chat.

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