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Import reviews to Shopify and PrestaShop products
Import reviews to Shopify and PrestaShop products

You can import reviews from AliExpress, Amazon, Etsy, Dhgate, and Shopee to your products directly in your Ryviu dashboard.

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Before taking a deep step into the detailed process, please make sure you meet the requirements below:

  • Please log in to your Ryviu account. Register a Ryviu account if you don't have one yet.

  • Log out of your Etsy, or DHgate before importing reviews.

  • Select the United States region and English language in the setting at the bottom of the Etsy product page before importing Etsy reviews.

  • If you get stuck when importing Aliexpress reviews, open the Customer reviews tab of the Aliexpress product page to slide for verifying, then reload your Ryviu dashboard to import reviews.

How do import reviews?

There are 2 steps to import reviews for your products.

  • Step 1: Navigate to your Ryviu dashboard > Products section.

  • Step 2: Click on icon 'Import review'.

In the popup, enter the product review link that you want to import reviews. Select 'Merger reviews' to combine existing and new reviews, or 'Replace reviews' to replace existing reviews in the Ryviu dashboard with reviews in the product link added. Then you need to click on button Import reviews.

Note: You can click on Import settings if you want to change the setting for reviews before loading them.

Afterward, you'll receive the outcome of the review importation process.

If you have any questions, feel free to let the Ryviu team know.

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