Export reviews to CSV:

You can export reviews of product one by one or select multiple products to export reviews in Ryviu dashboard > Products section, click on Export reviews icon:

Import reviews from CSV:

You can check the example CSV file by clicking the button below

CSV required fields: 

  • product_handle: handle of product you want to import reviews for 
  • created_at: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM (example: 2019-09-23 0:00:00)
  • disable: 0 or 1 (0 is enabled review, 1 is disabled review)
  • rating: it should be number from 1 to 5 only.

Notice: do not open and edit CSV with your MS Office, please edit it use Google Sheet. If you edit your CVS use your Excel then please change the date format of your file is YYYY-MM-DD.

You will also need to add the correct product handle so our app knows which reviews to add to which products.

Please go to your Ryviu dashboard > Products > click Import button, Upload and select your CSV file then select one of these options below to import.

  • Skip data: skip data if the product exists in Ryviu.
  • Replace: replace old reviews with new reviews...
  • Merge: merger old and new reviews.

Click Import button

If you need some more help, please feel free to contact us via the live chat widget.

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