We're glad to inform you that now you can Export reviews to CSV and Import from CSV. You can follow the steps below to export and import reviews from CSV.

I. Export reviews to CSV:

You can export product reviews of a product or select multiple products to CSV by going to Ryviu dashboard > Products section, click on the Export reviews icon:

Note: please filter products having reviews before exporting reviews

II. Import reviews from CSV:

You can check the example CSV file by going to your Ryviu dashboard > Products > click Import button, Upload, select your CSV file, and then select one of these options below to import. Ryviu will import reviews from CSV files based on the product handle.

CSV fields:

  • product_handle: (Required) handle/slug/friendly URL of the product you want to import reviews for. Please check this article to know how to get the correct product handle: Get product handle.

  • rating: (Required) it should be a number from 1 to 5 only.

  • title: review's title. For example, "Awesome!"

  • author: name of reviewers

  • email: email of reviewers

  • body_text: A longer description of the customer's experience.

  • body_url: Images' URLs of review (URLs separate by a comma).

  • created_at: (Required) Format should be Year-Month-Date Hour:Minute. For example: 2019-09-23 09:12

  • disable: (Required) 0 or 1, "0" mean enable, "1" mean disable.

  • country_code: (Required) ISO CODES of countries contain 2 DIGIT.

Note: do not open and edit CSV with your Excel because it can make date format broken, please edit it use an online Google Sheet.

You will also need to add the correct product handle. Then, Ryviu can know which reviews to add to which products.

  • Click on Skip data in case of product handle is existed on Ryviu dashboard and you do not want to import reviews from CSV file.

  • Click on Replace if you want to replace existing reviews on Ryviu dashboard with reviews in CSV file.

  • Click on Merger if you want to combine existing reviews on your Ryviu dashboard and the ones in CSV file.

If you need more help, please feel free to contact us via email or live chat.

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