Reviews section includes all reviews' details such as product list, date of reviews, search box, etc. In here, you can control, manage, filter, and customize any reviews you want.

Accessing the Reviews section:

  1. Login to your Ryviu account.

  2. Click Reviews on the menu bar‌.

    Ryviu dashboard

    • Select Analytics if you want to check the growth of reviews and all activities.

    • Select Manage Reviews if you want to control and customize all reviews.

    • Select CSV Import if you want to import reviews from CSV file.

    • Select CSV Editor if you want to edit reviews or add new reviews.

I. Analytics

This page is divided into 2 main part Analytics and Recent activities. Here are benefits that this page will bring you:

  1. filter the time that you want to see the reviews growth in the line chart.

  2. check the recording of all activities which are relevant to reviews on your store, like imported reviews, real customer reviews, the vote, and questions. You can sort the result by oldest or latest.

Reviews anlytics

II. Manage Reviews

Manage reviews

Section 1: List of products are imported with reviews.

Product reviews list

1.1 Open to Products dashboard.

1.2 Search product on the list.

1.3 ‌Filter products list by status.

Filter product reviews

1.4 Product title and icon to click on product reviews detail page.

Section 2: Filtering reviews by date

Filter reviews by time

Section 3: The reviews statistical chart

The reviews statistical chart

3.1 Shows reviews according to rating

3.2 Shows reviews according to countries

3.3 Number reviews are activated

3.4 The total number of reviews

Section 4: Sort and filter

Sorting reviews by the latest and oldest date.

Sort reviews

Filtering reviews by rating, images, content, features as below:

Filter reviews

Section 5: View Reviews dashboard as "Grid view" or "List view".

View reviews

5.1 View reviews as List view 5.2 View reviews as Grid view

Section 6: Search words and replace words.

Search reviews

6.1 Search words contained in your reviews 6.2 Enter words want to replace for words in 6.1 or take it to blank if you are going to remove words in 6.1. Please click on the Save button if you want to replace words.

Section 7: Edit review data

Hover on the review you want to edit, then click on the edit icon (pen icon)

Edit reviews

Then you will see Edit review data as follow:

Editing reviews form

7.1 Rating of review: Editable by clicking on the rating to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 stars icon.

7.2 Review title: Editable texts in this field.

7.3 Author name: Editable.

7.4 Country of review: Click on this field and select the country if you want to change the country of review.

7.5 Like: Show that this comment is liked by other customers

7.6 Dislike: Show that this comment is disliked by other customers

7.7 Create at: Edit date of review by clicking on this field then change the date and time.

7.8 Content: In this section, you can see the customers' reviews or edit the content of the comment.

7.9 Upload button: Upload photos to your Media section, after that you can add photos for you reviews

7.10 Media button: Select photos from Media and add to your review.

Section 8: Remove review

If you are going to remove a review, please click on that icon then select Remove and the review will be removed from your product.

Section 9: Add review to "Featured Reviews" or Remove review from "Featured Reviews"

Add reviews to Feature Reviews or Remove review from Feature Reviews by clicking on the Featured review icon

Section 10: Review status

Activate or deactivate review by clicking on Reviews status icon.

Section 11: Rating, comment, like, dislike, comment of review

You can preview almost information on your review in this section.

Section 12: Open product of a review

You can customize in a bundle of 50 reviews on the current page by ticking in Selected. Then you can do some settings like enable, disable, set/unset featured, or remove.

Open product page

III. CSV import

Importing reviews from CSV file

You can download the Ryviu CSV file template for reference. If you want to upload a CSV file, please click on browser.

Learn more about what are required fields in CSV file and how to import reviews from CSV file here.

IV. CSV Editor

Edit reviews by using CSV editor feature

This section is divided in to 2 parts, you can select the product review in the left desktop and use functional button in the right desktop corner.

1. Undo an action.

2. Redo something you've undone.

3. Replace. It allows you to bulk edit reviews in each field.

Replace option

4. Show or hide filter. You can filter based on choices you make from a list, or search to find the data that you seek. When you filter data, entire rows will be hidden if the values in one or more columns don't meet the filtering criteria.

Show - hide filter option

5. Add row. Let you add new reviews.

6. Download CSV file.

7. Show or hide column. You can select columns showing in the CSV editor.

Show - hide collunm

Do you want to get the instruction how to add new and edit reviews in detail? Get full information here.

If you need further help, please contact us via live chat or email.

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