Accessing the Reviews section:

  1. Login to your reviews account
  2. Click Reviews on the top menu bar

Reviews section Interface:

Section 1: List of products are imported reviews.

     1.1 Open to Products dashboard.
     1.2 Filter products list.
     1.3 Search product on the list.
     1.4 Product title and icon to click on product reviews detail page.

Section 2: Filtering reviews by date

Section 3: The reviews statistical chart

     3.1 Shows reviews according to rating
     3.2 Shows reviews according to countries
     3.3 Number reviews are activated
     3.4 Number reviews are deactivated

Section 4: Filtering reviews by rating, images, content, features

Section 5: View Reviews dashboard as by Grid view or List view.

     5.1 View reviews as List view
     5.2 View reviews as Grid view

Section 6: Search words, search and replace words.

     6.1 Search words contain in your reviews
     6.2 Enter words want to replace for words in 6.1 or take it to blank if you are going to remove words in 6.1.
Please click Save button if you want to replace words.

Section 7: Edit review data

    Please hover on a review which you want to edit to show Edit review data icon

     7.1 Rating of review: Editable by clicking on rating to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 stars icon.
     7.2 Review title: Editable texts in this field.
     7.3 Author name: Editable.
     7.4 Country of review: Click on this field and select country if you want to change country of review.
     7.5 Create at: Edit date of review by clicking on this field then change the date and time.
     7.6 Comment of review: Write reviews if it is blank or edit content of comment
     7.7 Upload button: Upload photos to your Media section, after that you can add photos for you reviews
     7.8 Media button: Select photos from Media and add to your review.

Section 8: Review status

     Activate or deactivate review by clicking on Reviews status icon.

Section 9: Add review to Feature Reviews or Remove review from Feature Reviews
Add reviews to Feature Reviews or Remove review from Feature Reviews by clicking on Feature review icon

Section 10: Remove review

     If you are going to remove a review, please click on that icon then select Remove and review will be removed from your product.

Section 11: Rating, comment, like, dislike, comment of review

    You can preview all most information on your review in this section.

Section 12:  Open product of a review

You can action in bundle with 50 reviews on current page by following this

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