Please go to Ryviu dashboard > Settings > Click on the corresponded field. Please do not forget to click on Save button after changing or editing something.

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  • Billing
  • Email Request
  • Import
  • Design


2. Billing

You can upgrade, cancel your membership and check invoice history of your account from here .

3. Email request

  • Order hook: Select Actived if you want to send a request for your customer to leave reviews for your products after an order completed.
  • Auto send request: Activate the feature if you want to send email automatically. Otherwise, your email will be pending on Emails section. Then you need to send it manually.
  • Select the template of Request reviews, Questions and Reply email.
  • Select Actived if you want to get email notice when product get new reviews.
  • Tick on Customer or Admin if you want to get email notice when have new reply.

4. Import

You can enable/disable these features before import reviews:

  • Click on Actived if you want all reviews imported are English from AliExpress - the Global site. It will be the original language of Aliexpress site (For example it will be Czech language if you turn on this option and go to Aliexpress Czech site to get reviews).
  • Show the reviewer name if you activate option Auto generator name.
  • Hide empty reviews if you activate the option Disable empty reviews.
  • Hide the reviews with the star number which selected by you in Disable reviews less than.
  • Select the number of character if you activate the Auto generator name feature.
  • Disable review if in this review has text on input below.
  • Activate/deactivate the feature Only Images if you want to import review with photos only from AliExpress. It supports you when your membership is Pro or Unlimited.
  • Select countries to import reviews from AliExpress if you are Pro or Unlimited membership.
  • Select the Number of reviews to export if you import reviews from AliExpress or Amazon.

5. Reviews Widget

5.1 Global

You can set up for the review layout on your product page in this section:

  • Choose theme for reviews section.
  • Select the date format.
  • Collection page: Click Actived if you want to show the total review.
  • Showing: Set the number of reviews per page. You cannot set the reviews of Masonry theme since it will be loaded in one page only.
  • Sort reviews by latest or oldest in the product page in Sort by option.
  • Verify Email: Activate it if you want to verify customer reviews before publish on your store. 

5.2. Previews:
Data for the example on the right

5.3 Sections:
Show/Hide: Select Green or Red color to show or hide feature on Ryviu widget.

It is simple to set up the review section on your store. As always, please contact our Help Desk if you need help. We will update this article if have any changed. Thanks.

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