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Question & Answer section

It is easy to manage the question and answer of customers on your Shopify store if you're getting the paid membership.

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Question & Answer section includes all details about the Questions part, such as date, votes, etc. Here, you can control, manage, and customize all questions in your store.

From your Ryviu dashboard > Click on Q&A section.

I. Manage Questions

It is easy to manage the questions and answers of customers on your Shopify store if you're getting a paid membership.

  • Static: Showing the number of questions, answers, vote up, and vote down

  • Question Section: Manage questions and answers

    a: Filter questions

    b: Search or sort by questions

    c: Action question

    d: Display answer list

    e: Publish or unpublish question

    f: Action for selected questions

II. Questions CSV import

You can import Q&A from the CSV file in this section. Please check the details from this article.

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