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Question & Answer section

It is easy to manage the question and answer of customers on your Shopify store if you're getting the paid membership.

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The Q&A widget supports Ryviu premium plans only.

The Q&A section in Ryviu lets you control, manage, and customize customer questions and answers effectively. In your Ryviu account, please navigate to the "Q&A" section.

  • Statistics

    View the total number of questions, answers, and votes.

  • Question Management

    1. Import questions from the CSV file.

    2. Filter questions

    3. Search questions by keyword or product handle/ID.

    4. Filter latest, oldest, or top voted questions.

  • Question Details

    1. Customer name and email.

    2. Question text.

    3. Product title linked to the Q&A section.

    4. Question status

    5. Question date.

    6. Number of likes and dislikes.

    7. Answer section for adding/removing replies.

    8. Option to delete questions.

  • Optional

    You can select many questions to show/hide, or delete at once.

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