Accessing the Reviews section:

  1. Login to your reviews account.
  2. Click Products on the top menu bar.

Products dashboard interface:

Section 1:  You can upload CSV then import to your Products dashboard

     1.1 Upload CSV by click on button Upload
     1.2 Click Media button to import reviews by CSV that you uploaded.

Section 2: Sorting products by import date

Section 3: Filtering products by 

Section 4: Searching products in your Products dashboard

Section 5: Edit product handle of product

Section 6: Activate or deactivate reviews of product

Section 7: Remove product

Section 8: Export reviews to CSV

Section 9: Connect product (Removed in new version). 

Section 10: Product title. 

Section 11: Number reviews of product.

Section 12: Number question of product. You can click on it to open Product's question detail page.

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