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There are some cases that make your reviews not be shown on your product page. This guideline will help you fix it.

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Please check the cases below to fix your issue.

1. Ryviu widgets are not installed

Our app won't auto-install codes on 2.0 OS themes like Dawn. You must add Ryviu widget blocks to show reviews and stars on your product page template. Please check the instructions on How to install Ryviu widgets for the 2.0 OS theme to learn how to do it.

2. Products in Ryviu are deactivatedโ€Œ

If your product has reviews but does not appear on your store, please check the product status in the Ryviu dashboard > Products. If the status is Deactive, change it to Active to make reviews appear.

3. Reviews of products are unpublished

Please check if all reviews of your product are Unpublished from the Products section.

Select reviews and Publish to make them display in your store.

4. Reviews disappear after changing/updating your theme

You need to add Ryviu widget blocks again to make reviews display after changing your theme.

5. You are using the 3rd app to create a product layoutโ€Œ

If you use an app to customize your product layout, please check the app's docs to see if they have instructions for adding the Ryviu widgets.

If it has not, you can use the Ryviu snippet codes below and add them to your app layout to display reviews. Here are code snippets

  • Stars rating under your product title

    <div class="review-widget"><ryviu-widget-total reviews_data="{{product.metafields.ryviu.product_reviews_info  | escape  }}" product_id="{{}}" handle="{{product.handle}}"></ryviu-widget-total></div>

  • Snippet code to display comments

    <div class="lt-block-reviews"><ryviu-widget handle="{{product.handle}}" title_product="{{product.title}}" image_product="{{ product.featured_image.src | image_url: '200x' }}"></ryviu-widget></div>

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