Please make sure you have installed Ryviu app to your store.

Here’re details that guide you on how to add the snippet code to display stars rating on the product page:

  • Go to your Online store -> Themes -> Find the Theme that you want to add code -> Action -> Edit Code.
  • Find product-template.liquid or product-meta.liquid file in then find this code snippet like this: 
{{ product.title }}
  • Copy the code below and paste under the code above
<div class="review-widget">
    reviews_data="{{product.metafields.ryviu.product_reviews_info  | escape  }}"
    product_id="{{}}" handle="{{product.handle}}">
<!-- / RYVIU APP -->

If you don't know how to add these codes, please feel free to contact us via the live chat widget.

Thanks :)

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