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How do I get email notifications for new reviews?
How do I get email notifications for new reviews?

Learn how to manage your review notifications in this guide.

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To receive email notifications for new reviews on Ryviu, follow these steps.

Get email notifications for new reviews.

Ryviu will send you notifications via your email and Ryviu dashboard if someone leaves reviews on your store.

This feature supports Premium plans only.

  1. Log in to Ryviu Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to Settings > Email Notifications.

  3. Precheck option New review notification.

  4. Under Admin option, select Enable.

  5. Click Save button

Enable the option Review approval

This feature helps you control all reviews on your store, including negative and positive feedback. Please follow the steps below.

  • Log in to your Ryviu dashboard > Settings > Customer Reviews

  • Review approval, select Enable option

  • Click Save button

All new reviews left by customers and visitors will be marked as Unpublish in your Ryviu dashboard so you can select to enable them.

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