This guide is a step-by-step instruction to integrate with BoostCommerce - Product Filter & Search. If you would like to create a filter option by Reviews, please contact us at [email protected]

App Information:

  1. Edit your current theme.
  2. Copy the following code snippet to your clipboard: 
'<ryviu-widget-total' + ' collection=1' +' reviews_data="{}"' +
' product_id="{{itemId}}" handle="{{itemHandle}}">' +
'</ryviu-widget-total>' +

3. Go to the bc-sf-filter.js file, then find productGridItemHtml which is the template of the product item after filtering, and paste the snippet to where you want the Ratings to appear, for example, under the product price:

  • That's all. Please check your front-page again

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