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Ryviu and AI Search, Filter & Recommend
Ryviu and AI Search, Filter & Recommend

This tutorial will show you how to install Ryviu widget codes for your AI Search, Filter & Recommend app.

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We have some exciting news to share! Ryviu is now fully integrated into the AI Search, Filter & Recommend app. This integration opens up new possibilities for enhancing your product reviews and ratings, resulting in a more engaging shopping experience for your valued customers.

About AI Search, Filter & Recommend

AI Search, Filter & Recommend is an interesting app that helps shop owners to filter products on their Shopify store. After installing AI Search, Filter & Recommend on your Shopify store, there will be a page of the list of products for the customers to find the products they are looking for.

Integrate Ryviu‌ in AI Search, Filter & Recommend

Note: This feature only works with AI Search & Discovery V2 and above.

Step 1. Install Ryviu and AI Search, Filter & Recommend.

Step 2. Go to AI Search & Discovery dashboard > Tool > Integration.

Step 3. Select Product reviews tab > Toggle ON the Ryviu integration

Select Ok, integrate now.

Step 4. Go to Sync tab > Overview > select Sync recent updates.

Step 5. In Shopify Admin, go to Sales channels > Online Store > Themes > Select your theme > Customize.

Step 6. In the Shopify Theme editor, go to App embeds and toggle ON for Ryviu app.

Step 7. Go to AI Search & Discovery dashboard > Theme > Find the theme you are working on > Click Edit visual design.

Step 8. Go to Product Item section > in the area you'd like to add your Product's rating/reviews > Add elements > Product rating.

That's it! Check your front-page for the integrating.

Customize the rating's position for the product items (V2 only)

Product review ratings will be made available for your product items automatically following the integration of Ryviu with AI Search, Filter & Recommend. The product titles are where the review stars are by default placed. Please follow these guidelines if you want to move them.

  1. Locate the file boost-pfs-filter-html.liquid.

  2. Within the file, find the code line containing [[item <title>]].

  3. Move the code line to the desired position where you want the review stars to appear.

Please find the code line contain [[itemTitle]] in the file boost-pfs-filter-html.liquid, &amp; then change it to the place you want:

If the file boost-pfs-filter.liquid does not exist, please find it in boost-pfs-filter.js:

If the file boost-pfs-filter.liquid does not exist, please find it in boost-pfs-filter.js:

Build a filter option by ratings/reviews.

To create a filter option based on ratings and reviews, follow these steps:

Step 1. After enabling the integration, please wait approximately 3 minutes to ensure that all necessary sync processes are completed before proceeding to create a filter option based on review ratings.

Step 2. Navigate to the app's Filter > Manage Filter Trees > Click on Add new filter tree button.

From a filter tree, click Add a filter option button.

Step 3. Choose Review Ratings > Click on 2 Save buttons.

Once the integration is enabled/disabled, an automation will add/delete Metafield in the in-app Metafields configuration. Please don't remove it.

Ryviu Integration

‌Should you need further support, please let us know via live chat.

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