BoostCommerce - Product Filter & Search is an interesting app that helps shop owners to filter products on their shopify store. After installing BoostCommerce on your shopify store, there will be a page of the list of products for the customers to find the products they are looking for.

This step-by-step instruction guides you on integrating Ryviu with BoostCommerce to add star ratings on the products page.

If you would like to create a filter option by Reviews, please email to [email protected]

Install and Setup BoostCommerce

Connect your shopify store with BoostCommerce by navigating this site.

Then click on Add app > provide your Shopify store link to start installing the app.

BoostCommerce app

Now, you got the process of connecting your Shopify store and Boostcommerce

Install BoostCommerce

Step 1: Select a layout.

Select a layout

Step 2: Click Get started to start the Initializing process

The initializing process

Click in Next to continue this stage.

The Initializing process

Step 3: Complete the setup process

Edit Shopify themes

Integrate BoostCommerce with Ryviu‌

To integrate BoostCommerce with the Ryviu app, please follow the steps below.

  1. Edit your current theme by going to Shopify admin > Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit code

2. Copy the following code snippet to your clipboard:

'<ryviu-widget-total' + ' collection=1' +' reviews_data="{}"' +' product_id="{{itemId}}" handle="{{itemHandle}}">' +'</ryviu-widget-total>' +

3. Find and open the bc-sf-filter.js file, then find productGridItemHtml which is the template of the product item after filtering and paste the code snippet above to where you want the Ratings to appear.

Install Ryviu codes in BoostCommerce - Product Filter &amp; Search app

For example, under the product price:

If productGridItemHtml variable does not exist, please check the file boost-pfs-filter-html.liquid

That's all. Please check your front-page again.

Should you need further support, please let us know via live chat.

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