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Featured reviews are the most outstanding feedback on your online store. This article will present you with the way to create a featured reviews page on your Shopify store.

Note: This feature is available for Ryviu paid plans only. Upgrade your plan here!

If you want to create a featured reviews page, you have to get some featured reviews first. To get featured reviews, please go to your Reviews page and add Featured reviews by clicking on the heart icon. Then, just save everything.

Select featured reviews in the Ryviu dashboard

After getting some featured reviews, please follow the steps below to create a featured reviews page for your Shopify store

STEP 1: Log in to your Shopify store admin

STEP 2: Navigate to Online Store > Pages > Add page

STEP 3: Add a title for your page

STEP 4: Click "< >" icon to show HTML

Add featured review code

STEP 5: Copy Ryviu featured review snippet code and paste it into your page

Here are Ryviu featured review snippet codes:

- Masonry layout snippet code:

<!-- RYVIU APP :: FEATURE --> <ryviu-widget feature="1"></ryviu-widget><!-- / RYVIU APP -->

- The carousel layout snippet code:

<!-- RYVIU APP :: FEATURE --> <ryviu-feature-extend carousel="1" id="r--ryviu-widget"></ryviu-feature-extend><!-- / RYVIU APP -->

STEP 6: Click Save button

You can get more details on the video below:

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