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Create a review section on the homepage - Shopify vintage
Create a review section on the homepage - Shopify vintage

Please refer to this instruction below to create a review section for your homepage

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Creating a review section on your Shopify homepage can enhance customer trust and boost sales. Follow these steps to add a review section.

πŸ‘‰ Step 1: Add Ryviu code to your theme

  1. Log in to your Shopify admin panel.

  2. Navigate to Online Store > Themes

  3. In the current theme, click "..." > Edit Code.

  4. In the Sections folder, click Add a new section.

  5. Name the new section featured-ryviu.

  6. Replace this provided code snippet with the code of the newly created file.

    <div class="page-width container wrapper" style="overflow: hidden;">  
    {% if section.settings.title_status %}
    <h3 class="center text-center section-header__title">{{ section.settings.title_heading | escape }}</h3>
    {% endif %}
    {% if section.settings.type_ryviu == 'default' %}
    <ryviu-widget feature="1"></ryviu-widget>
    {% elsif section.settings.type_ryviu == 'carousel' %}
    <ryviu-feature-extend feature="1" carousel="1" id="r--ryviu-widget"></ryviu-feature-extend>
    {% else %}
    {% assign product = all_products[section.settings.product] %}
    <div class="lt-block-reviews">
    <ryviu-widget handle="{{product.handle}}" product_id="{{}}" title_product="{{product.title}}" total_meta="{{ product.metafields.ryviu.r_count }}" image_product="{{ product.featured_image.src | image_url: '200x' }}"></ryviu-widget>
    {% endif %}
    {% schema %}
    "name": "Ryviu Section",
    "class": "index-section",
    "settings": [
    "type": "text",
    "id": "title_heading",
    "label": "Title",
    "default": "Happy Customers"
    "type": "checkbox",
    "id": "title_status",
    "label": "Show title",
    "default": true
    "type": "select",
    "id": "type_ryviu",
    "label": "Type of widget",
    "default": "default",
    "info": "Masonry and Carousel featured support Ryviu paid plan only",
    "options": [
    "label": "Masonry Featured Reviews",
    "value": "default"
    "label": "Carousel Featured Reviews",
    "value": "carousel"
    "label": "Specific Product Reviews",
    "value": "product"
    "type": "product",
    "id": "product",
    "info": "For Specific Product Reviews only",
    "label": "Select product"
    "presets": [
    "name": "Ryviu Section",
    "category": "Ryviu App"
    {% endschema %}
    {% stylesheet %}
    {% endstylesheet %}
    {% javascript %}
    {% endjavascript %}
  7. Save the file

πŸ‘‰ Step 3: Add Ryviu section to your homepage

  1. Click Customize theme

  2. Click Add section > select Ryviu section

  3. Customize the section by changing Title, Type of widget, or selecting product to display reviews if you select Specific Product Review in Type of widget

  4. Click Save button

Video of instruction

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