Please refer to the instruction below to create the featured reviews page that will help you highlight the best reviews for your WooCommerce store.

Note: Featured reviews snippet codes work with Ryviu paid plans only.

STEP 1: Log in to your WordPress admin > Pages > Add New, add the title of your featured reviews page

Add page on WooCommerce store

STEP 2: Copy one of the codes below:

  • Masonry Featured Reviews snippet code: 

<ryviu-widget feature="1"></ryviu-widget>
<!-- / RYVIU APP -->

  • Carousel Featured Reviews snippet code: 

<ryviu-feature-extend carousel="1" id="r--ryviu-widget"></ryviu-feature-extend>
<!-- / RYVIU APP -->

STEP 3: Add a custom HTML block on your page then paste featured review snippet code that you have copied in there.

STEP 4: Click the Publish button

STEP 5: Adding reviews to featured. You will need to select reviews and mark them as featured to make them appear on your Featured page.

Finally, Save what you have done.

Select featured reviews in Ryviu account

Please take a look at this video for more details.

If you need more help or any question else then please feel free to contact us.

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