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Install Ryviu snippet codes for your Pagefly
Install Ryviu snippet codes for your Pagefly

This tutorial will guide you on installing Ryviu snippet codes for your Pagefly.

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Pagefly is the eCommerce conversion rate optimization solution for Shopify. It helps you design your eCommerce store without limits and requires no coding experience.


Please refer to this instruction to install our snippet to your PageFly - Advanced Page Builder


1. Please login to your Shopify admin > Apps > PageFly - Advanced Page Builder

Select product template


2. Go to Products pages > choose and open your product page template.

Select page template

3. Open 3-rd party element library

4. Select β€œRyviu Product Reviews App & QA", select the Ryviu element you want to use then simply drag n drop it onto your Product pages.

Add Ryviu element in Pagefly product page


  • After hit the Publish button, you will see the result on the live page.

  • Featured reviews and Question and answer support Ryviu paid membership only. You can check out Ryviu pricing from here: Ryviu's pricing

Should you need further support, please let us know via live chat :)

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