To get access to the Customer reviews settings section, in your Ryviu dashboard, click on Settings > Customers Reviews section.

The customer reviews settings page


The General settings
  • Approving: Enable it if you want to verify reviews before publishing.

  • Theme: select the layout of your reviews.

  • Lazy Load: Enable to make reviews and star ratings appear when visitor reached to section only.

  • Sort By Default: Sort reviews by latest, oldest, images or featured on the product page.

  • Customer Name: format of the review author's names

  • Date format: format of review's date o

  • Reviews per page: Set the number of reviews per page.

  • Load Reviews: Select Load more or Pagination for reviews.

Rating total widget

The Rating total widget settings
  • Collection: Disable to hide star rating on collection page

  • No Reviews: Disable to hide star rating does of product doest not has a review on the collection page.

Note: This setting will work if you have installed code for your store. Please check this to know how to install: Install star rating on collection page (product grid page)

Boost Sales Popup

The Boost sale popup settings
  • Boost Sales Popup: Enable/disable popup

  • Popup Position: select a position to display popup on your store.


Customize reviews widget

You can personalize the layout of your reviews on your store by clicking on "Customize" button at the top right of "Customer Reviews" setting

1. General

General setting
  • Header Layout: select header layout of your Ryviu widget

  • Font family: select a font to display your review. In default, our app will get the font of your Shopify theme

  • Font size: set font-size of review

2. Rating total widget

Rating total widget setting

Translate Review text appears next to the star rating on the product page

3. Sections

You can enable/disable the heading of the review widget, review button, date, etc in this section.

Sections settings

4. Avatar

The avatar settings

In this part, you can set up the background color for the author's avatar. When you deactivate the random color option, you can select the background color and the text color.

5. Boost sales popup

The Boost sale popup setting option

You can set up featured reviews for Boost sales popup if you are getting a Paid membership. Just click here to check more information for this feature.

6. Widget box

In this part, you can set up the box of reviews in your store.

Reviews widget box settings

7. Button

You can set up the color of the button "Write a review" there:

8. Star icon

You can change the style, color, and size of the star there.

Star icon settings

9. Translate text

In the next section, you can edit or translate text:

Translating text form

10. Data Settings

You can export setting the 1st account and import the setting for the other account without setting it in many times.

Data settings

If you need further information, please contact us via email or live chat.

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