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This article provides you with an overview of Question and answer settings.
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In this section, you can control the Questions and answers on your product page. In detail, you can choose to enable or disable the questions before publishing them in your store. Besides, you can also manage and customize questions on your site.


To get access to the Question & answer settings section, please login your Ryviu dashboard > Settings.

The Ryviu dashboard

In the vertical menu, click on Question & Answer.

The questions and answer widget settings

In this section, you may set the General settings for the Question and Answer widget. If you want to see more setting options and a preview, click on Customize.

1. General

  • Enable Approving to verify customer questions before publishing. Ryviu will send an email to you to inform you about those questions. You need to activate questions in the Ryviu dashboard to show them on your site.

  • If you want to divide questions into pages, you can add the number of questions per page.

Finally, please click on Save changes button to save the setting.

2. Customize

Click on Customize if you want to check the preview and set up more

Customize questions and answer widget

2.1 Sections

Sections settings

  • You can enable the option Created time to show the date and time for the question.

  • Enable or disable the Vote, Answer, and Ask the Community button.

2.2 Button

You can set the color on the section button.

Button settings

2.3 Translate text

In this part, you can edit text of question and answer widget.

Translate text

2.4 Data settings

In the data settings section, you can export setting the 1st account and import the setting for the other account without setting in many times.

Data settings

Should you have any other concerns, feel free to contact our Support team via live chat or email [email protected].

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