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This article will cover you the general settings of emails notification.

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Ryviu app allows you to send emails about activities in reviews and questions & answers section. To set up email notification, please follow the guide below:

Step 1: Login to your Ryviu dashboard > Settings.

Step 2: In the vertical menu, navigate to the Email notification section. Here, you can set up the Sender email and Email notification as below.

  1. Sender email

In this setting part, you can:

  • Enter your email address which you want to send email to your customers. Please verify it by clicking on the Verify email button.

  • Enter your domain and your name for sending emails.

2. Notification

Here are setting options that you can do in this part:

  • Activate the option "New review notification" to get an email notification when the product gets a new review.

  • Select Enable/disable for the option "Customer", or 'Admin' to let the customer or admin get the email notification when a review or question has been replied.

3. Customize email template

In the last part of this setting page, you can click on the Customer email template button to customize your email and thank you template for fitting your needs. Finally, please click on the Save button.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email at [email protected]

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