The email settings section includes some settings on the email that you send to your customers to ask for reviews.

Note: This features only works on a Paid membership.

You can set up and customize emails your send to customers to ask for product reviews by following the process below.

Please login to your Ryviu dashboard > Settings > Emails to set up your email layout and email system.

1. Request Reviews Email

You can add and control your email templates on the Layout section. After adding your email layout, you can send the test email by click on the edit button. Please read this article to know how to create your own request email template.

2. Reply Email

You can send email to your customers if their reviews have comments. Thanks to this feature, your customers can know well about their reviews and come back your store to check comment. Please click on Add new button to add another email layout, then click on pencil icon to send a test email.

Note: You need to enable the option New Reply Notify from Email System to send reply email.

3. Q&A Email

If you want to send emails to your customers if their questions on your store got replies, please add review layout in this section. Please click on Pencil icon to edit and send a test email to check.

Note: You need to enable the option New Reply Notify from Email System to send Q&A email.

4. Email system

It is easy to set up for email on the Email system.

  • Activate the option Automatically send a request review email to a customer at the time you set.

  • Add the time and order status to send email.

  • Add your email address to verify. After that, an email will be sent to your customers from your verified email address.

  • Add your domain on email, then your customer won't know your store is Shopify

  • Add your name and logo.

  • Activate option to get email notification when product gets a new review.

  • Activate option to let Customer or Admin to get the email notification when a review or question left.


  • Ryviu can send an email to ask for a review of the orders from the time you upgrade your membership only. It means that you cannot ask your customers to leave reviews for previous orders.

  • With a "Delivered" option, emails will only be sent out when you fulfill orders that have tracking information from USPS, UPS, FedEx, and Canada Post. Shopify has a direct link with these carriers, and once the status of the shipment changes on their end the notification will automatically be sent from Shopify. After that, our app will send emails out.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email at [email protected]

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