In Ryviu, you can enable or disable the location where customers leave product reviews by simply changing or hiding the countries' flags as following.

Hide countries of reviews

Please go to your Ryviu dashboard > Settings > Customers reviews > Customize

The customer reviews widget settings

In the setting page, please go to Sections and turn off option Flag. Finally, please click on Save button to save the change.

Disable countries of reviews

Edit countries of reviews

Please follow the methods below to edit the countries of reviews:


‌From the Reviews section, click on the Edit icon of each review that you want to edit and select the country:

Edit reviews in the Ryviu dashboard

Edit countries of reviews


From the Products section, click on CSV editor icon, then select the country you want to change.

Edit countries of reviews in the CSV editor


From CSV file before importing, open CSV file on Google sheets, then change the country code.

Edit countries of reviews in the CSV file

Ryviu accept the code with a two digit letter combination. Click here to refer to the ISO CODES of countries.

The ISO CODES of countries

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