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Hide the title of reviews ("Ship from:", "Color:"...) from my reviews
Hide the title of reviews ("Ship from:", "Color:"...) from my reviews

This tutorial will show you how to hide the title of reviews ("Ship from:", "Color:"...) from your reviews.

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To hide specific titles such as "Ship from:" and "Color:" in your Ryviu reviews after importing reviews from AliExpress, follow these steps.

Hide reviews title from all products.

  1. Go to Ryviu Settings > Customer Reviews.

  2. Click Customize theme.

  3. From the left sidebar, in Sections, uncheck Review title.

  4. Click Save button.

Remove titles for specific products only

  1. Please export reviews of specific product to a CSV file.

  2. Edit or remove the review's titles in the title column of the CSV file.

  3. Import the modified CSV back into Ryviu use Replace option.

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