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Hide title of reviews ("Ship from:", "Color:"...) from my reviews
Hide title of reviews ("Ship from:", "Color:"...) from my reviews

This tutorial will show you how to hide the title of reviews ("Ship from:", "Color:"...) from your reviews.

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A complete review will contain its title, content, image, location, and star ratings. With Ryviu, you can display or hide the title of reviews.

You can easily hide them by navigating to your Ryviu Settings > Customer Reviews > Click on Customize button > Sections and disable the option "Review Title".

Remove review titles

If you still want to display the title of reviews so you can use Search and Replace in Ryviu Reviews section to replace it with other texts or remove it by adding a space in Replace By.

Replace text of reviews

Remember to Save all things you have done.

Should you have any questions, please let us know via live chat or email.

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