This code to display stars review for your page

<div class="review-widget">

And this one to display comments of a product

<div class="lt-block-reviews"> 
image_product="{{ product.featured_image.src | img_url: '100x' }}"
total_meta="{{ product.metafields.ryviu.r_count }}">

But please replace these values in snippet codes above:

  • {{}} by ID of your product
  • {{product.handle}} by handle of your product
  • {{product.title}} by name of your product
  • {{ product.featured_image.src | img_url: '100x' }} by URL of thumbnail image of your product

Example code will be like this:

<div class="lt-block-reviews"> 
title_product="This is name of product"
image_product="{{ product.featured_image.src | img_url: '100x' }}"

How to get product ID?

1. For Shopify:

  1. To get the Product ID Number, log in your Shopify store admin, go to Products
  2. Click on the product that you want to get the Product ID Number for.
  3. Go to the URL at the top and copy the number that comes after '…/ products/'

2. For Woocommerce:

Login your WordPress admin > open Products section, hover on a product then you can see ID of a product

How to get product's handle?

1. For Shopify

Log in your Shopify admin > Products > click on your product > scroll at the bottom > click Edit website SEO, copy your handle in URL and handle

2. For WooCommerce:

Login your WordPress admin > Products > All products > click Edit in a product that you want to import reviews > click Edit in Permalink section of that product > copy product's handle

How to get an image URL of the product?

Open your product, right-click on an image then select "Copy link address" to get the image URL

All the best,

Ryviu team

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