In Ryviu, you will need to create account for each store and it is trouble when you have too many stores but you can easily log in to correct your Ryviu account from Ryviu dashboard.

How to do that?

You will need to use the same email address when creating Ryviu account, just different usernames. After creating an account, we will send a verification email to your email address to confirm this your own email, please click the Verify link so you can use the quick access function.

How to access?

Please click on your name at the top right of your Ryviu dashboard then you can see list of your s stores, please just hover on store you want to login Ryviu account and click on Access button to login. It's easy!

You don't need to confirm email if you install Ryviu app from Shopify App Store and use the same email for your multiple Shopify stores. You also can quickly login to your Ryviu account from Shopify store admin > Apps, click on Ryviu - Product Reviews app to log in.

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