On this page, you can know how to contact us to get support from Ryviu support team.

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We're happy and willing to help you out. Don't worry about anything and be patient!

Whenever you need help, please contact Ryviu support team via:

Just drop us a message with some clear captures and leave your email in the Live chat section or directly send us an email.

Live Chat

To access Live Chat, in your Ryviu dashboard, click on the message icon on the right bottom corner of the screen.

Select Send us a message.

Just drop us a message with some clear captures and leave your email. Then we will address your issue immediately if we are online. Or, we will send you an email afterward.

Ticket dashboard

Creating tickets from your Ryviu dashboard is another ways to let us know your questions/trouble with our App.

In the bottom right corner of your Ryviu account, click on the message icon.

Click on Create a ticket.

Then submit your tickets with your issue/questions with the form.

Checking ticket status

Once you've submitted a ticket, you can track its status by clicking on the Chat widget > Tickets:

View the list of tickets, and for detailed information, select the specific ticket.

Feel free to send us a message related to that ticket by clicking on button Send us a message.

Contact page

You can also get in touch with us via our contact page.

Please Submit a ticket then fill required information in the the form, we will check and get in touch to you soon.

If you are in your Ryviu dashboard, please click on your account name in the top right corner to contact us.

Email us

Email communication is the third avenue to reach us. Feel free to share your inquiries directly with us at [email protected]. Rest assured, we will try our best to respond to all emails and tickets promptly.

Normally, we are online nearly all day from Monday to Sunday. We are off on Saturday, Sunday and some special occasions or vacations. So we can help you address your issues with Ryviu as soon as possible. ​If there is a day off from us, we will definitely contact you via email later once we're back again.

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