This section will provide you with some general knowledge about installation before using Ryviu.

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Ryviu is not only a great tool for exporting and importing reviews from marketplaces such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Etsy, Dhgate, but also an ideal platform for managing reviews on your eCommerce sites.

Therefore, after signing up for your Ryviu account, to fully get access to Ryviu's functionalities, you need to install Ryviu app, plugin, and extension from Ryviu ecosystem as the following guideline.

I. Ryviu is used for exporting and importing reviews

Ryviu offers Ryviu Chrome extension that is provided in the Chrome extension store. It is used to explore and export product reviews from other websites.

This extension supports exporting and importing reviews so that you can use it to export reviews from other marketplaces to the CSV file.

Therefore, you can import and export reviews from Aliexpress, Amazon, Etsy, and Dhgate easily by installing Ryviu Chrome extension, even you don't have a Shopify or WooCommerce store.

II. Ryviu is used for eCommerce platforms

Currently, Ryviu is only supported in the 3 most popular eCommerce platforms namely, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Prestashop. However, in the future, Ryviu will be extended to integrate with other platforms and we are working on it.

Shopify Platform‌

Shopify platform

Ryviu offers Ryviu app that is provided in the Shopify app store. So that if you want to use Ryviu in your Shopify store, you need to install Ryviu Shopify app in the Shopify app store.

WooCommerce Platform

WooCommerce platform

We also provide Ryviu plugin in the plugin library on If you want to use Ryviu in your WooCommerce store, you need to install Ryviu plugin on your WooCommerce site.

Prestashop Platform

Prestashop platform

Ryviu module is ready for Prestashop. You need to install Ryviu module before importing reviews.

Let's discover Ryviu document to get further details.

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