This article will give you the general settings including your account and your connection.

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From your Ryviu dashboard, please click on Settings at the left menu to open the setting page.

The Ryviu dashboard

In the main sections, you can have an overview of your Ryviu profile, membership, and your store connection, and take all control of your Ryviu account. Let's take a look to get more detailed steps.

1. Profile

In the Profile part, you can check and change your account information, except the username there.

If you want to upload your shop avatar, please go to Settings > General > Edit in the Profile section:

‌Here, you can change or update your profile image, and your private information such as First name, Last name, User name, Email, and Timezones.

The user profile

Another way to edit your profile is to navigate to the Profile section under General and follow the steps above to change and update.

2. Membership

In the Membership part, you can change or update Ryviu plan by clicking on Change now (for paid plans) and Edit membership (Free plan).

The membership

Here, you can choose a payment method: Paypal or Shopify payment. Then, you choose a Ryviu plan that you desire and click on the Change button

Change Ryviu membership

3. Store

In this section, you can connect your WooCommerce or Shopify store with Ryviu by clicking on the Connect now button.

Connect store to install Ryviu app

Then select the platform you want, and fill in with your store's URL. After that, click on the Install now button.

Install Ryviu app

Once connecting your store with Ryviu, you can disconnect them by clicking on the Disconnect button, or adding snippet codes

That's the process of changing your general settings. Let's touch us via email or Live Chat if you got any questions.

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