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This tutorial shows you how to set up reviews before importing them from Aliexpress, Amazon, Dhgate, and Etsy.

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To apply necessary settings, go to Ryviu dashboard > Settings > Import Reviews. Please do not forget to click on Save after changing your settings.

The Ryviu dashboard


The settings in this part work for importing reviews from Aliexpress, Amazon, Etsy, and Dhgate.

Default review status: the status of all reviews that you have got.

  • Enable: display

  • Disable: do not display

Default product review status

Remove duplicate reviews: This option supports Paid Ryviu plans only. You can delete duplicate reviews if enable that option before importing reviews.

Photo of reviews: This option supports Paid Ryviu plans only. Ryviu will get images reviews only if you enable this setting.

Review quantity per import: The default setting is loading 20 review per time. However, you can change the number of reviews for each importing time with the premium plans. Please set the number of reviews before importing reviews.

For Aliexpress

Only Premium plans are supported for the 2 options in this section.

Translate reviews

Reviews will be in the language you select. Please note that this option works based on the option translating of Aliexpress, so some words will not be translated properly.

  • If you select Default, the reviews will be imported correctly as on Aliexpress.

  • If you want to import reviews in English, please get them from Aliexpress- the global site.

Filter by Country

When importing reviews, you can choose different nations. Reviews will be translated into the language you choose if you choose both countries and language.

For Amazon

Ryviu can help you to filter reviews by ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) when you enable the option Import by ASIN.

If that option is disable, you can import reviews with the Parent ASIN.

For Etsy

Advance and Unlimited plans can import reviews from Etsy. You can set up to import reviews for all shop reviews at once from the setting page. If you disable the option Import all reviews from Shop, you will import reviews for each product.

Etsy reviews settings


For any further information, please contact our Support Team via Live chat or email [email protected].

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