To apply necessary settings, go to Ryviu dashboard > Settings > Import Reviews. Please do not forget to click on Save after changes your setting.

General Import:

The settings in this part work for importing reviews from Aliexpress, Amazon, Etsy, and Dhgate.

Hide reviews after importing

If you enable this option, your product reviews will be disabled after importing. You can check and edit reviews, then enable that product review to show it in your store.

Remove review titles after importing

When you enable this option, You can import reviews without review titles.

Only import reviews with images

This option works for Paid memberships. If you want to import reviews with attached photos only, please activate this option. It supports both Aliexpress and Amazon reviews.

Auto generator name

You can set to hide or show author names before importing:

Review quantity per import

If you're Paid memberships, you can select the number of reviews to import for AliExpress or Amazon reviews.

Skip reviews

If the option to skip reviews is enabled, Ryviu will not import empty reviews, or reviews have the rating less than your setting, or reviews have text that you added.

For example, with the setting in the below image, Ryviu will skip reviews that have no content, or reviews less than 3 stars.

If you do not enable the option Skip reviews, you can set up each option separately:

Hide empty reviews

Ryviu default setting is enabling this option. It means all the empty ones will be added to disable reviews after importing.

Hide reviews less than

The default setting of Ryviu is hiding reviews with less than 3 star ratings. Based on this option, you can change the number of star ratings by click on the dropdown menu to deactivate low rating reviews.

Hide reviews having words below

You can add text in the box to hide reviews. Please put the words by a comma without space correctly as our example to get it works.

For Aliexpress

Three setting options that work for Aliexpress reviews only.

Translate reviews

Reviews will be in the original language of the Aliexpress site if you enable this option. If you want to import reviews in English, please get them from Aliexpress- the global site.

The list of the supported languages in reviews:


Paid memberships can import reviews left by customers from a particular country. Reviews will be filtered based on AliExpress country flags in reviews.

You cannot click on the Load more button if you select countries to import reviews. Please increase the number of reviews to reach the maximum reviews of your plan to get reviews as much as possible.

For Etsy

Advance and Unlimited plan can import reviews from Etsy. You can set up to import reviews for all shop reviews at once from setting page. If you disable option Import all reviews from Shop, you will import reviews for each product.

For any further information, please contact our Support Team via Live chat or email [email protected].

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