Your customer can ask about the product or vote other question on the product as easy with these add-ons

This is a Demo of how it works


To follow this tutorial, you will need the following:

There are 2 ways that you can apply to add Q & A addons for your WooCommerce site.

Method 1

Once upgrading your Ryviu plugin, go to WordPress dashboard > Settings > Ryviu > Question and Answer > choose After single product summary or Tab question and answer, then Question and Answer add-ons will be added to your product page.

You can edit the text of the question and answer title if you select to show it in the tab.

Ryviu plugin settings page

Method 2‌

In WordPress dashboard, navigate to Settings > Ryviu > Question and Answer > choose Disable.

After that, you can add Question and Answer code in the section that you want to display or add Ryviu Shortcode if you are using a WordPress Pagebuilder.

Disable Question and Answer widget

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