Get your store product handle/slug

This article will define product handle and show you how to get it from your store.

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What's product handle/slug?

It is a part of the product URL. When you create a new product in Shopify, it also creates a product handle that is the same as the product name. So for example, if your product name is “Men shirt oversize”, then the handle would be “men-shirt-oversize”. You can think of the product handle as the Permalink for that particular product’s page.

You can see how to get the product handle of Shopify and WooComemerce products from the instruction below:

I. Get Shopify product handle

  1. Log in to your Shopify admin > Products > click on the product that you want to copy reviews > scroll down to the bottom, in Search engine listing click Edit

2. In URL and handle, the part after /products/ is the product's handle

II. Get WooCommerce product's slug

  1. Login your WordPress admin > Products > All products

Product section in the WordPress admin store

2. Hover on a product that you want to get slug, click on "Quick edit" then you can see Slug of product

Get WooCommerce product's slug

III. Get Prestashop product Friendly URL

Login to your Prestashop store.

In your Prestashop dashboard, go to Catalog > Products, then you will see a list of products on your Prestashop store.

Get Prestashop Firendly URL

After that, choose the product you want to add reviews, select SEO, the text in the Friendly URL is the Product URL you are looking for.

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