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Reviews are not appearing on my Wordpress & WooCommerce store
Reviews are not appearing on my Wordpress & WooCommerce store

If you got the issue that reviews are appearing after installing Ryviu plugin then please check instruction below.

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After installing the Ryviu plugin for your store and connecting it to Ryviu, if you cannot see the review section of Ryviu when you check out your store, please follow the steps below to fix this.

Case 1: You connected using an incorrect "WordPress Address (URL)"

Please ensure you connect with Ryviu account using your correct WordPress Address (URL); you can check it from your Wordpress admin > Settings > General.

Please check all instructions in this article for more detail:

Case 2: You use WordPress page builder for the product page template.

If your store uses a Wordpress Page builder for the product page template, please go to your Wordpress admin > Settings > Ryviu, change the setting of "Star rating on product page" and "Review box on the product page" to "Custom Postion" then add our shortcodes and add to your product page template. Please have a look at the article I have included below for more detail.

For example, with Elementor, please edit your Elementor product page template, add a Shortcode element below the product title, and then add a shortcode of Star rating on the product page to make star ratings appear below the product title.

Sample for review box on product page shortcode, please add a shortcode element where you want reviews to appear.

If you still get the issue, please feel free to contact us via live chat so we can help you.

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