Ryviu: Aliexpress Review app now is integrated with AVA Email Marketing, SMS, Popups, which allows you to:

  • Insert reviews automatically in your marketing emails (campaigns or automation).

  • Send Review requests and Follow-up emails after someone submits a review on your store.

1. Connect Ryviu with Avada

Step 1: Open the integration page

From the AVADA App Dashboard > Select Integration > in CATEGORY select Product Reviews, click Ryviu.

Step 2: Get API Token in Ryviu

In the Ryviu dashboard > Click on Settings.

In the left menu - Integrations section, click on the Show button.

Then, click on the API key to copy.

Step 3: Copy API token in Ryviu app and paste token into AVADA Marketing Automation

After you copy the key from Ryviu app > Paste API key into Private API token in AVADA app > Click Connect button.

Step 4: Click Enable toggle button to show reviews on automation

2. Connect Avada with Ryviu

Step 1. Get Avada keys

In the Avada dashboard, click on your account > Manage keys.

Step 2: Copy Avada's App ID and Secret key

Step 3: Paste Avada's App ID and Secret Key to Ryviu

From Ryviu Dashboard, click Settings > Integrations, paste App ID and Secret key the in Avada Integration section > Click on the Connect button.

3. After connecting Avada with Ryviu, please follow the instructions of Avada email to show reviews of our app in your email.

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