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How to install Reviews widgets in Automizely Page Builder app?
How to install Reviews widgets in Automizely Page Builder app?

Let’s learn how you can use Ryviu app with Automizely Page Builder to display the social proof for your store.

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There are two cases to add Ryviu widgets when you use Automizely Page Builder app.

Selected the 'All products' option

You don't need to add the reviews widget codes if you choose the "All products" option for your Automizely product page. The codes are immediately added to the product.liquid file when you install the Ryviu app.

You can add star ratings below the product title by following this tutorial.

Select the 'Specific products' option

Please complete the below steps:

Step 1. Look for the product.automizely.[number].liquid file in the Templates section and paste the below-mentioned code.

  • Display the reviews widget

    <!-- RYVIU APP :: WIDGET -->
    <div class="lt-block-reviews">
    <ryviu-widget handle="{{product.handle}}" product_id="{{}}" title_product="{{product.title}}" image_product="{{ product.featured_image.src | img_url: '100x' }}"></ryviu-widget>
    <!-- / RYVIU APP -->
  • Display star ratings below the product title

    <!-- RYVIU APP :: WIDGET-TOTAL -->
    <div class="review-widget">
    <ryviu-widget-total reviews_data="{{product.metafields.ryviu.product_reviews_info | escape }}" product_id="{{}}" handle="{{product.handle}}"></ryviu-widget-total>
    <!-- / RYVIU APP -->

Step 2. Click on the Save button to finish the process.

I hope this article is helpful. If you got any questions, please keep in touch with our Support team to get assistance :)

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