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Most common questions for Q&A widget
Most common questions for Q&A widget

This article includes the most common questions for Q&A widget. If you can't find the answer in this doc, please contact us.

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Here are our most common questions about the Q&A widget in Ryviu

Can Ryviu import questions and answers?

Ryviu supports importing Q&A via CSV files. Please learn how to import Q&A by visiting this article.

Can Ryviu export questions and answers?

You can export Q&A in the Q&A dashboard and click on the product title to open the product.

Click on Export CSV.

How can I edit questions and answers?

Ryviu does not support editing Q&A in the Ryviu account. However, you can do that task with a CSV file. Please follow the below steps to modify Q&A:

  • Export Q&A to CSV file.

  • Open the CSV file on Google Spreadsheets > Edit Q&A > Download CSV file.

  • Import the new CSV file to your Ryviu account by selecting Replace items.

How can I check questions before publishing on my store?

  • From your Ryviu dashboard,

  • Access Settings

  • Click Questions & Answers

  • Enable option Question approval

  • Click Save button

Can I translate texts in Q&A widget?

  • From your Ryviu dashboard

  • Access Settings

  • In Questions & answers > click Customize theme

  • Edit texts in Language

  • Save your change

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