Previously, Ryviu had the ability to filter reviews for import purposes. However, this feature is no longer available due to it being considered a deceptive practice under Shopify's Acceptable Use Policy.

This violation is outlined in part C - Section 2.3 of the Shopify Partner Program Agreement, and Ryviu has taken action by removing the feature.

According to the policy, "Malicious and deceptive practices: You may not use the Services to transmit malware or host phishing pages. You may not perform activities or upload or distribute Materials that harm or disrupt the operation of the Services or other infrastructure of Shopify or others, including Shopify’s third party providers. You may not use the Services for deceptive commercial practices or any other illegal or deceptive activities."

How can I customize imported reviews?

You can still filter reviews with low ratings in your Ryviu dashboard, and customize or hide them manually.

And you can search and replace the words that you don't want to show.

The CSV editor feature also allows for additional customization of reviews.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us :)

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