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Import reviews for WooCommerce products
Import reviews for WooCommerce products

You can get reviews for your WooCommerce products with just a few simple steps.

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Before importing any reviews, make sure you take note of these important notices.

  • You must install Ryviu chrome extension

  • Ryviu does not support syncing WooCommerce products to the Ryviu dashboard when you connect your store.

  • Log out of your Etsy, or DHgate account before importing reviews.

  • Ryviu does not support importing reviews from the Etsy shops with more than 10k reviews.

  • Select the United States region and English language in the setting at the bottom of the Etsy product page before importing Etsy reviews.

  • If you need help importing Aliexpress reviews, please open the Customer reviews tab of the Aliexpress product page to slide for verifying, then reload your Ryviu dashboard to import reviews.

How to import reviews?

Please go ahead and access your Ryviu dashboard > Products section, then follow the steps below to import reviews.

Step 1. Ryviu can not sync WooCommerce products to the Ryviu account since it may burden your server. Therefore, you need to add product manually by clicking on Add product button.

In the popup, please add your product handle, product title, and upload the image, then click on Save button to create product.

Step 2. Click the Import reviews icon next to Date column.

Step 3. Copy the product URL from sources like Aliexpress or Amazon and paste it into the pop-up.

Add the Aliexpress, Amazon, Etsy, and product links you want to import reviews for in the popup. Select Merger reviews to combine existing and new reviews or Replace reviews to replace existing reviews in the Ryviu dashboard with added reviews in the product link.

After completing import reviews, you can check the processing status and disable/enable reviews by clicking View review.

If your product does not exist in Ryviu, please click Add product button, add the Title and product's slug, click Save, and then you can import reviews.

You can check this to learn how to get WooCommerce product slug:

If you get any trouble when importing reviews, please don't hesitate to ask :)

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