Solving CSV file import errors

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You may encounter various issues or errors throughout the review import process using a CSV file. Curious about what these errors entail and how to address them? Keep reading this article for detailed insights.

Unable to display special symbols or characters

Sometimes, special symbols or characters may not display correctly, and you may encounter them in alternative formats, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

This issue typically arises when opening the CSV file with Excel. The formatting of special characters or symbols may change upon closing the Excel file. Therefore, we recommend using Google Spreadsheets to edit the CSV file.

To resolve this issue, please follow these steps:

  • Open the CSV file using Google Spreadsheets to edit the reviews.

  • After editing, navigate to File > Download > Select CSV format to download the updated CSV file.

  • Import the new CSV file into your Ryviu account by selecting the 'Replace' option.

Unable to display reviews text and images

If you're encountering this issue, it could be due to incorrect field names in your CSV file, unavailable image links, or images in formats other than .png or .jpg.

To resolve this matter, consider opening your CSV file in Google Spreadsheets to double-check your file. You can also refer to the Ryviu CSV file template for guidance. Please note that we don't recommend you use Excel to edit the CSV file.

Missing required column name: product_handle, rating, author

This error means the names of the required files are not correct or missing. Please correct them or fill in the data in the CSV file.

Please refer to this screenshot for the correct column name:

Invalid product_handle...

If you receive this error, the data entered in the column product-handle or rating is incorrect. Please open your CSV file and check in rows to correct the data.

Here are some notices to keep in mind if you receive this error:

  • The data in the product_handle column cannot include spaces or '/'. It should be like that 2023-sexy-bandage-azteque-biquini-string-strappy. Learn more details about the product handle.

Required column `product_handle` or `author` missing...

This error indicates that the product_handle or rating data in rows in rows we mentioned in error message.

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