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How long does it take for showing star ratings on Google organic search?
How long does it take for showing star ratings on Google organic search?

While the time differs for every Shopify store, the time for a product review to appear with a star rating usually takes a couple weeks.

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Display rating on the Google search

Displaying star ratings in Google's organic search results can significantly boost customer confidence. However, this process may not work smoothly for some stores. The timeframe required for star ratings to appear on Google's organic search results can vary.


  • If your store is Shopify, please be ensure that you follow our instruction to add Google rich snippets for your store.

  • If your store is WordPress WooCommerce, the rich snippets is automatically applied when you install Ryviu plugin for your store.

Timeframe for Star Ratings to Appear

The appearance of star ratings depends on when Google crawls and indexes your site, typically taking a few weeks to months.

Possible Reasons for Delays

If you add the Google Snippets correctly as our instruction but you still don't get the star ratings displaying, here are a few reasons that might be blocking your star rating from showing up:

  • Google hasn't crawled your site.

  • You haven't waited long enough.

  • Google has decided not to show the rich results

You can check the result by adding your product URL on Structured Data Testing Tool after adding the Google rich snippets.

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