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Troubleshooting with sending email request reviews
Troubleshooting with sending email request reviews

Reading this article to know how to resolve typical problems that arise while delivering email request reviews.

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Sending email request reviews is a simple way to ask for customer feedback. However, you might encounter situations where emails cannot be sent, and identifying the exact cause can be perplexing. This article will explore common issues and their solutions to ensure your review requests go smoothly.

1. Customers do not accept marketing email

Some customers may not receive your review request emails because they did not tick in the option to receive marketing emails during the checkout process. So, to make sure that the customers get your emails, you need to tell them to tick the subscribe option below.

Accept marketing email option


You can pre-check that option on your checkout page from Shopify store admin > Settings > Checkout > Marketing consent.

2. Email Conditions Not Met

Just so you know, emails are only sent out if the order meets the conditions you've set in your email automation. For instance, if you've scheduled emails to be sent 10 days after the purchase date, you must wait.

3. Incompatible Carrier for 'Delivered' Status

Emails are only sent out when orders have tracking information from carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, and Canada Post, and when they reach the "Delivered" status. These carriers have a direct link with Shopify. Once the shipment status is changed, our app will send emails.

If your carrier is not on that list, Ryviu does not support email sending. In this case, please consider changing the action for the status.

4. Customers unsubscribe from your store's email list.

If your customers unsubscribe from your mailing list after subscribing when purchasing, their order will be added to the email list. However, our app will not send request emails, so you can see some emails in the queue with processing status when they reach your sending settings.

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