You can edit, disable, enable, delete, edit reviews, or reply to reviews from your Ryviu dashboard so easy.
Just select your product review from the left sidebar.

  1. Click on Edit to edit your product handle and or click Open in your store to go to your product page.

2. You can remove or replace texts which you don't want.

3. Hover to review then you can see buttons from left to right are:
    3.1. Enable/disable this review
    3.2. Edit/Hide Edit: edit review/Hide after editing.
    3.3. Remove: remove reviews.
    3.4. Pin review to top on on product page (it will show first on product page).
    3.5. Show/hide reply of review.
    3.6. Add review to feature page.

4. Edit review/Reply review section/Add images to existing review.

5. Remove this product, Save after edit reviews, and Import reviews from separate AliExpress & Amazon products in your product (only available on Unlimited account).  

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