After login to Ryviu Dashboard, click to star icon on the top bar to go to My Reviews page and click on the product which you want to edit.

1: Main action buttons of current product reviews

  • Load more: You can load more reviews by click on this button (this feature is not supported to Free plan).
  • Setting icon: You can see the setting for this product on this button.
  • Import button: Click this button to import reviews for this product if you enter the product URL on Aliexpress and Amazon if you are Unlimited Plan.
  • Remove button: Remove current product reviews.
  • Save button: Save data after editing.

2: Details of current product

You can see the star ratings in details on this section.

3: Filter functions for reviews

  • Status: Just show enabled, disabled or empty content reviews.
  • Countries: Filter reviews by countries.
  • Sort by: Filter the reviews (latest, oldest, highest rating, lowest rating).
  • Find: You can find contents and replaces/hide them by replacing or hide text.

4: The review list of current product
Please move your mouse to the review which you want to check.

  • Enable: Switch this button if you want to hide this review on your product page.
  • Pencil button: Edit review.
  • Recycle bin: Remove review.
  • Three dots button: Show the reply. You can reply this reviews on this button also.
  • Flag icon: Push review to Feature reviews in the Special page.
  • Pin icon: If you want to move this one to the top review list.

5: The list of products have reviews

  • Enter product handle: If you want to search product.
  • Checkbox icon: If you want to choose the products for bulk action (switch the status of reviews, remove, push reviews to Cloud Server, and update product information if have any changes on your store).
  • Action icon of the current product: Push to Cloud Server, view this one on your store,or remove it.
  • Pencil button: If you want to edit the product handle.
  • Switch button: Hide/show reviews on your product page.
  • G button: Update reviews to Google search.
  • Cloud icon: If you want to push reviews to Google Server.

6: Import & Export 

Click this button if you want to import reviews from CSV file or export reviews to CSV file. Please see the details on this article

Don’t hesitate contact to us if you need help.

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