To follow this tutorial, you will need the following:

Install Ryviu app on your Shopify Store

  1. Login to by click here. (Please make sure you are login correct Ryviu account which you want to connect to your store)
  2. Install Ryviu app from this link: Ryviu app install link.

After installing Ryviu app, it will automatically add the code snippet to display customer reviews on your product page in Templates/product.liquid file.

If you want to customize section to appear reviews then please follow this:

Login to your Shopify admin > Online Store > Themes > Current theme > Actions > Edit code

Code to show reviews on the product page

Please copy code snippet below:

<div class="ryviu-show-reviews" product-handle="{{product.handle}}">{{}}</div>
  1. Open this file Sections/product-template.liquid or Template/product.liquid
  2. Paste your code snippet into the area where you want your reviews to appear, usually under the product.description tag
  3. Click on save button

If you want show stars rating under product title on your product page then copy code snippet below

Please copy snippet code below:

<div class="ryviu-widget"></div>

Then paste above code under line have this code:

<h1 itemprop="name" >{{ product.title }}</h1>

Show reviews on the collection page

Copy code snippet below:

<div class="ryviu-collection-widget" data="collection_product_reviews" product-handle="{{product.handle}}"></div>
  1. Open your Snippets/product-grid-item.liquid (or product-grid-card.liquid, product-card.liquid, product-loop.liquid, product-info.liquid...) file.
  2. Find the place where each product is rendered and paste the snippet inside that code block, under/above product name find this product_title.
  3. Confused? We can install/customize it for you for free!

Confused? We can install/customize it for you for free!

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Please watching this video for more detail

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