Import from CSV:

make sure your PC is installed Microsoft Excel and your file format is CSV before import.
Please go to your Ryviu dashboard > Click  Reviews on the top bar > Import reviews tool > Choose file > Upload file > Import in Browser. If the imported product handles are existing in your product handle list, please select:

  • Skip data to keep the old reviews and add the new ones only.
  • Replace data to change the new reviews instead of the old ones.
  • Merge data to show all.

You can match the columns from the import file to Ryviu’s review fields in the mapping.

Note: Please edit the CSV file on Google Sheet before importing, and make sure your PC is installed Microsoft Excel.
Date format in file is:
You can see the example CSV by click on this link.

Export to CSV:

Exporting reviews to CSV file is simple too. You can customize the profile of this CSV file to make it similar similar with the requirement from other review apps.

  • Click Export review button.
  • Click on "Export All" to export all products review.
  • "Custom Export" to select product reviews to export. You will need to click "Export Product Selected" button after select product reviews want to import.

Please click Download to get your CSV file to your computer.

It is easy, right? Please feel free to contact our Help Desk if you need our assistance.

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