Please go to Ryviu dashboard > Settings > Click on the corresponded field:

The new setting will be shown in the right of set up box. Please do not forget to click on Save button after changing or editing something. Below are the details: 

1. General

You can see your store domain which is connected to Ryviu first. If you are using Unlimited plan, you can turn on the Real-time notice feature. Click here to see what is the Real-time notice feature.

On the collection page, you can hide the star even it has/hasn’t reviews by Enable the button.

Next, there are many options to set up on the product page:

  • Choose theme for reviews page. 
  • Disable left scroll of Theme default only.
  • Box style: choose back ground/border color. 
  • Enable and edit the text Customer reviews.
  • Choose star style, star color and adjust star height.
  • Set the number of reviews per page. You cannot set the reviews of Masonry theme since it will be loaded in one page only.
  • You cannot set the reviews of Masonry theme since it will be loaded in one page only.
  • Sort reviews by latest or oldest in the product page in Sort by option.
  • Select the date format.
  • Enable/disable and change color of reviews title (i.e Ring Size: 6 Logistics: AliExpress Standard Shipping; Color: blue Logistics: China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus,...) .
  • Enable/disable and change color of avartar.
  • Hide name/Flag if enable the option Author name in review list and Flag after name.
  • Hide images if enable the option hide Images reviews.
  • Enable/disable and edit text, text/background color of Review button.
  • Enable/disable and edit text of Verified Purchase.
  • Edit star text.
  • Edit text of Showing text, By text, show text, Sort by text.
  • Enable/disable and edit text for Comment text, Is this helpful?, No reviews, Write a first review.
  • Enable/disable Widget review on the product page and edit its text.

2. Form Layout:

In this section, you can enable/disable some options, edit text, change color for Reviews form, Reply form and Verify form.

After Customers leave their comments on your site, it will be Auto published if this feature is enabled in Review form. In contrast, if this feature is disabled, reviews will be located on the disable reviews. You will be notified via email, and need to enable this review if you want to show on your site.

3. Questions and Answers:

You can set up the Question and Answers and its form. This feature is support to Unlimited Plan only. Please click here to see how to create it on your product page.
4. Import reviews:

You can enable/disable these features when import reviews:

  • Enable Translation into English if you want all reviews imported are the original language of Aliexpress site (For example it will be Czech language if you turn on this option and go to Aliexpress Czech site to get reviews).
  • Show the reviewer name if you enable option Auto generator name.
  • Hide empty reviews if you enable the option Disable empty reviews.
  • Import the reviews which have pictures on Aliexpress when enabling the option Only import reviews with images if you are Pro and Unlimited Plan.
  • Hide the reviews with the star number which selected by you in Disable reviews less than.
  • Remove text from the title (Aliexpress reviews), the customer name (Amazon reviews).
  • Only import reviews with images, select countries/the number of reviews if you are Pro or Unlimited Plan. The maximum number of reviews is 1000. 

5. My account
You can change your information, your password, and your membership in this field.

6. Social Authentication:

You can register social authentication for your shop in this field by swift to enable the button > Save the change.
If you are Unlimited membership, you can choose the server which you want to display reviews in this part. This is Beta version.

As always, please contact our Help Desk if you need help. Thanks.

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