Import reviews from CSV files

You can import reviews in Ryviu dashboard from other review apps via CSV files.

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Note: This feature supports Ryviu Paid plans only.

There are multiple methods to import reviews for your products, and one highly effective way is importing reviews from a CSV file. This approach can significantly enhance the social proof of your store.

Import CSV file

It's easy to import reviews from any source to your Ryviu account With CSV file. The detailed steps are as follows:

Step 1. Please go to your Ryviu dashboard > Reviews > click Import reviews button.

Step 2. Select Reviews from option - our app also supports importing CSV of reviews belonging to Loox,, Product Reviews by Shopify, and Rivo app.

Step 3. Browse your CSV file and start importing. Please ensure you have a CSV file of the reviews you want to import and formatted correctly.

You can select one of the three below options to import a CSV file:

  • Replace items: replace existing reviews of products in the Ryviu dashboard with reviews in a CSV file.

  • Merge items: combine current reviews of your products in the Ryviu dashboard and new reviews in the CSV file.

  • Skip items: if you want to avoid importing reviews from the CSV file for products in the Ryviu dashboard.

Product reviews CSV file.

If you want to import reviews from the product review app not supported in the provider list, you need to edit them to match with Ryviu CSV template. Please look at the details for the CSV file fields and the types of information that belong Ryviu CSV file template in each field below.

Formatting your review data

  • product_handle (required): The product handle (Shopify), slug (WooCommerce), or friendly URL (PrestaShop) of the products you want to import reviews for should be used. Please review this article to get the correct product handle: Get product handle.

  • rating (required): Valid values range from 1 to 5(1/2/3/4/5). Example: 5

  • title: review's title. For example, "Awesome!"

  • author (required): name of reviewers

  • email (required): Email of reviewers

  • body_text: Review text.

  • photo_urls: Photos URLs of reviews; if you want to add multiple photos to a review, please add photo URL separated by a comma, for example,,

    You can easily upload and get the image's URL from Ryviu Media Manager easily, click here to read more.

  • created_at: Format should be Year-Month-Date Hour:Minute. For example, 2019-09-23 09:12. If the date format in your CSV file is incorrect as required, reviews will be added to your Ryviu dashboard in real-time when you import the CSV file.

  • status: "enable" or "disable"

  • featured: "1" is the featured review, "0" is not a featured review

We suggest using Google Sheets to open and edit the CSV file. If you encounter any errors, you can click here to learn how to fix them.

Have you got questions? Please don't hesitate to ask us :)

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